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    my guinea pig is not pooping

    Hi guys, my 2 year old guinea pig is not pooping or eating. his belly is swollen. I've already given her gas medicine because her belly is making noise and also the poop soup. I noticed that when he breathes he is making a noise but his lungs appear to be clean. What can this be?
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    Small, Skinny Guinea pig poop - any insight welcome!

    Morning all, I've just gone to clear out the cage and give morning veg for our two Guinea pigs Cinnamon and Willow (both 2.5 years old) and found several strange poops in the cage. I've not seen anything like it before: (mixed in with some normal looking ones so i don't think its both of them)...
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    Guniea pig is having trouble pushing all his poo out. It's getting stuck in a clump. I've been assisting in pushing it out but idk what to do to fix this issue. Any ideas ?