1. France

    Can't cope- need answers

    A few months ago in September my baby Honey died from mysterious causes. I've posted a couple of times about him for other, minor issues. I usually can move on in about a few weeks or so, but his death was far different from all the others and has left me grieving for longer than usual due to...
  2. D

    My guinea pig died last night...😢💔

    So, My guniea pig (Joseph) went to rainbow bridge last night and I am heartbroken, he was my first pet. I have another guniea pig (spencer) and they used to live together and the one who died was the more dominant one so the other guniea pig is finding it hard. He only comes out for food and...
  3. D


    Hey guys so this is an update we’re actually gonna cremeate him tomorrow due to some things that have happen but I’m scared I feel bad there burning my baby but I want a memory of him and a snip it of his fur they can provide ik that it’s just his body and his soul has left but I just miss him 💔