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  1. cinnamon7

    where to get white coroplast in uk?

    does anyone know where to get white coroplast in the uk? I’ve only found black coroplast in most shops, i swear nowhere has it pleaseee let me know
  2. S

    guinea eating coroplast

    Hiya, I have 4 piggies living in a 2x5 and 1x5 loft C&C cage. one of them has eaten a huge chunk of coroplast and I’m not sure which one, but have a feeling it’s one of my younger ones. I have plenty of chew toys in the cage but clearly doesn’t satisfy them enough than the plastic does. The...
  3. V

    C&C cage edging.

    Hi does anyone know where you can get the hard plastic edging for coroplast in the UK, that isn’t ridiculously priced. I’ve bought 4mm white coroplast and want to protect it from nibbles.
  4. dannif_piggies


    Being the creative person I am I've got bored of the cage I recently made for the piggies and what to change it up again 🤣 Uh oh 😂 This time, I think I was to do a pink piggy palace, of just cute girlyness, maybe make it look like a castle, who knows, but ideally I would like white or pink...
  5. dannif_piggies

    Coroplast problems

    So the base of my c&c is currently corrugated plastic sheet from wickes, before little one Willow arrived it was doing the job fine, as my older one Honey is extremely calm, but now Willow keeps jumping around and now the sides of the coroplast base have started to "cave" inwards. (hope people...
  6. E

    Making A C&c Cage For The First Time

    Hi all. I'm in the process of making a c&c cage for my 2 girls. I was really hoping to make it 4 grids by 3 grids. Hubby says that if I make it 3 grids wide then the correx sheet will only give me a 2 inch wall, rather than the 6 inches most people seem to be using. I can imagine they will make...