1. AmberP

    High Vet Check up Cost?

    Hi all, I took my two boars for a routine vet check up today and was charged £89 total. This was just for a health check. I've been trying to Google other people's experiences but does this seem quite high?
  2. S

    £800 for Vets Fees

    Hi So I took my little girl Maggie (5 1/2yrs) to the vets with suspected UTI, the usual squealing while using the toilet. Antibiotics haven't cleared anything up so took her back to the vets today, and she had a scan. Turns out it's a bladder stone. They have quoted me £800-£900 for the op and...
  3. L

    Bladder surgery cost

    I’m after some general advice please on surgery cost. My piggy Biscuit (male, 3 years) has been diagnosed with bladder stone after an ultrasound and he needs surgery. We have already spent over £300 to get him diagnosed and our vets has now quoted over £800 for surgery! We really can not afford...
  4. Salt and Pepper

    Bladder Sludge ?

    Hi, to update you after my previous post I visited an exotics specialist today who showed us the X-ray our local vet had taken (they told us it was clear) and pointed out an area of possible sludge in the bladder. She explained that we could have another x-Ray under anesthetic to confirm if...
  5. BiscuitBeans

    Cost Of Guinea Pigs

    I know that people will give hate on this thread, as I am looking to buy rather than adopt, but I fully support adoption and am only a first-time piggie owner, so would like to buy Guinea pigs. I have looked around before for similar posts, all of which, again, are outdated, on how much a pair...