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  1. Dipperoni

    Working out food cost

    Hello! I plan on getting two piggies this summer and am trying to determine food quality, cost, and how often I need to buy more food. I've heard that the oxbow garden select pellets along with unlimited timothy hay and veggies are popular, but does anyone here know how much and how often you...
  2. AmberP

    High Vet Check up Cost?

    Hi all, I took my two boars for a routine vet check up today and was charged £89 total. This was just for a health check. I've been trying to Google other people's experiences but does this seem quite high?
  3. S

    £800 for Vets Fees

    Hi So I took my little girl Maggie (5 1/2yrs) to the vets with suspected UTI, the usual squealing while using the toilet. Antibiotics haven't cleared anything up so took her back to the vets today, and she had a scan. Turns out it's a bladder stone. They have quoted me £800-£900 for the op and...
  4. L

    Bladder surgery cost

    I’m after some general advice please on surgery cost. My piggy Biscuit (male, 3 years) has been diagnosed with bladder stone after an ultrasound and he needs surgery. We have already spent over £300 to get him diagnosed and our vets has now quoted over £800 for surgery! We really can not afford...
  5. Salt and Pepper

    Bladder Sludge ?

    Hi, to update you after my previous post I visited an exotics specialist today who showed us the X-ray our local vet had taken (they told us it was clear) and pointed out an area of possible sludge in the bladder. She explained that we could have another x-Ray under anesthetic to confirm if...
  6. BiscuitBeans

    Cost Of Guinea Pigs

    I know that people will give hate on this thread, as I am looking to buy rather than adopt, but I fully support adoption and am only a first-time piggie owner, so would like to buy Guinea pigs. I have looked around before for similar posts, all of which, again, are outdated, on how much a pair...