1. CourtneyBailey

    Guinea pig coughing / choking ?

    my pig marvin has just recovered from GI stasis and is now concerning me with a new issue. he has only done this twice, but after his recent health scare, I’m worried. he will make these little groaning noises, cough, and then feel fine afterward and goes back to normal seemingly. is he just...
  2. M

    Usually sneezy and a new cough

    I've had my piggie girls for a month now. Tina (aprox 3 or 4 months) had an eye squint and sneezing. Then she developed nasal discharge (wet then green) They both received antibiotics. Her eye and nose cleared up but both continue to sneeze. I called my vet and she said since they have improved...
  3. dabel101

    Coughing when eating

    Hi! I have three piggies, all sows, and when i give them their veggies someone lets out a cough. I only hear one cough from one of them, not quite sure who, but ive seen all of them do it. Again, its only once and they carry on eating as normal once they have a good cough. And its only when they...
  4. G

    Specialist Guinea pig loud breathing and coughing

    Our guinea pig has been having difficulty breathing and also now has a cough. He has been to a vet who’s said his lungs we’re fine and that it could be allergies. His nose and lips do get quite pale and he really struggles to breathe. Baytril didn’t help him. His breathing is very loud and...
  5. P

    Guinea Pig Cough/sneezing

    Hello, I have noticed that one of my Guinea pigs makes a coughing sound in the middle of the night. Their bedding is paper so it can't be dust. I have never heard him cough during the day and it confuses me. My room gets cold at night but I do cover up his cage with two blankets. He's also...