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  1. Vicvac28

    Vet to neuter in Coventry

    Hi everyone. Recently one of our dear piggies passed away overnight leaving just his friend Sebastian (agouti) on his own. I am thinking of getting him neutered so he can live with a female or two as he’s a bit of a boisterous lad so not sure how well he’d bond with another boy. Does anyone...
  2. Dewi Rhys Jones

    Ref: Hand-feeding A Guinea - Where Is The Best Place To Buy Oxbow Critical Care, Coventry?

    hi guys just following on from my last thread - Joni is still with us and is slowly eating by herself. I am still feeding her Critical Care and keeping an eye on her weight, however I need to get some more. I live in Coventry and dont drive, so I cant go around the pet shops to see who stocks...