1. Gia

    Favorite Etsy Shop?

    I've been looking through Etsy for cozies lately, but can't seem to find a ton I like. Do you guys have any favorite shops for cozies or toys? Also, do you guys have any tips for making your own?
  2. Siikibam

    The Things We Do!

    So here I am, staying up late after working last night and having had very little sleep today. Logic would have been to be in bed by now but I'm busy making stuff for the boys! Really?! I don't want anyone missing out so I'm making two at the same time. Hopefully I have enough fleece left...
  3. Elgifu321

    Themed Cage Items: Halloween :)

    I love a good opportunity to decorate the cage and buy new toys, chews and cozy items but I can never find anything for Halloween! I've got a skull fleece which I might make into strips to put over my usual liners from ziggys and I've made a pumpkin hidey (took me a whole day but I love it!)...