1. Kiko+Peanut

    Anyone Else For The Ccc? (crested Cavy Club)

    Well, we all know @Betsy's Dennis has the Stripey Nose Club and Kiko was happy to know that she qualified! But Peanut was jealous because Kiko got to join the cool kids. So Peanut decided she wanted her own club! The Crested Piggies. It can be Self Crested or American Crested. Peanut just...
  2. Bella123 New Additions.

    Hi Everyone, I've been on the forum for two weeks now and have yet to post any photos of my two lovely additions. I've seen so many lovely pictures :love: :love: , I thought it would be nice to put some up too. I got them...well six weeks as of today, and am very much enjoying looking after...
  3. Piggiemum7

    Meet Ben!

    This is Ben! He is a very fat, sleepy, gentle piggy. He's extremely cuddly and loving. He has red eyes and so he was the last one left when we adopted him because people thought it was scary! (I think he's beautiful) he lives in his own cage above his adopted brother (who annoys him very much)...