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crusty ear

  1. G

    Scabby ear

    I have noticed one of my guinea pigs ears has this white crust on it, the ear feels considerably warmer than the other ear and has thick white scabs all over it. Anyone know what this could be?
  2. Leithall

    Pig Lost Weight Rapidly And Crusty Nose?

    My guinea pig Fleur has lost at least half of her body weight within the last month, she's also had a crusty ear two weeks ago. I took her to the vets but they couldn't find anything wrong with her... I noticed yesterday that she had a very crusty nose so must have a runny nose and she had a...
  3. Piggy996

    Does My Pet Have Fungal Infection?

    Hello everyone, this is my first time posting here because I'm worried about my guinea pig. He's a couple of months old and recently I've noticed white spots behind his ears, it looks like crusty skin. Do you think this is a fungal infection? I've bathed him just in water a week ago, do you...
  4. Brittany Unrein

    Home Remedy For Crusty Ear?

    I am trying to make a vet appointment for my Commodore's ear. It looks crusty and white but no scaps or sore spots and he doesn't seem to itch it and he is eating and playing normally. First off is there a home remedy I can use in the meantime while I am waiting for my vet appointment a few...