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  1. Jesse's pigs

    Mo's Bits And Bobs

    Hi guys it's me again with another question that if it wasn't piggy related I'd probably be locked up for asking haha. Basically I just cleaned my piggy out like usual- shook his fleece and removed hay and poos. I proceeded to give him his little stroke where he rolls over and reveals his belly...
  2. Livy

    Crusty Eyes

    Hi everyone, I am posting to see if anybody has had a similar situation or have any idea what this could be. My guinea Benny has been dealing with some crusty eye issues. We brought him to the vet a few weeks ago for it and after examination and a dye drop test he was diagnosed with...
  3. REBrowning

    Crusty/scabby Nose

    Hi, my male guinea pig has this on his nose it looks like a big scab but it's solid and seems to be quite deep in him. I thought he had had a fight with another one of our guinea pigs and had gotten it from that but I don't think it's the case anymore. Is this something we should be worried...
  4. PeanutandGus

    Scabby/crusty Nose

    My pig has a really crusty nose and seems to have something brown under the fur and I can work out what it is or what's causing it.. He's eating and behaving normally, I will book a vets appointment in the morning but just wondered if anyone has any ideas or had similar things?:soz: Thank you...