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cuddle cups

  1. Siikibam

    More Bedding

    These boys and their demands for more bedding! :soz: Well more like I want to spoil them with more bedding. I’ve made cuddle cups for the boys - just have to stitch the openings closed. I’ve also made their cousin, Mae, a snuggle sack. Plan is to make her a cuddle cup as well and likely a...
  2. TheLottiediarys

    Where Do You Buy Your Fleece Tunnels And Such?

    Hi guy's! I'm wanting to get some soft furnishings for my C&C cages I like the look of fleece tunnels, cosy beds and such But I'm wondering where everyone gets theirs from I've been poking around on ebay and amazon and also looking at how to make my own I'm not a great sower and I'm not sure...