1. Luvx

    Possibly sick guinea pig?

    Hello! I am a new guinea pig owner, and, i just got a new guinea pig from petsmart, its often known that they can sell sick pets, but this one seems fine, it runs around, pooping an awful lot, eating and drinking, sleeping, etc. Things that a normal guinea pig does, but, sometimes i seen him...
  2. A

    Black Stripes Between Frontal Teeth

    Today I noticed black stripes just next to the frontal teeth on one of my boars. It was difficult getting a good picture showing his entire mouth, but there appears to be two very similar lines on his upper teeth, just as the lower ones (see pictures). I was just curious about what it is, since...
  3. Jesse's pigs

    What Is This?

    As some of you may know my Mo has an active grease gland which I keep on top of along with his man bits and bobs. However sometimes he will skid his bum and this 'stuff' will come out on the fleece. It does smell and has fur in it which I'm guessing is what has come off him and got caught when...
  4. Jesse's pigs

    Climbing Arm

    This is/may be a stupid thread but after already making a thread on poop I don't think I can get any weirder! :lol!: Basically Mo has been climbing my arm recently when I put it in his cage to get his bowl or move his tunnel or pick up stray poos etc. He doesn't *idk* hump it.(stay with me)He...
  5. Jesse's pigs

    Not Urgent Just Curious To Be Honest. Hiccups.

    So I was always confused/worried when I saw Mo (my boar) stand still and sort of 'bounce' I suppose. I don't know how to explain what happens and he can walk etc whilst it's happening but it is like little jumps. I went to the almighty google- ha ha- and apparently it's hiccups...which greatly...
  6. Oreoandtwix

    New Guinea Pig Need Suggestions

    I just got 2 Guinea pigs yesterday, Oreo is 3 year old female and twix is a 7 month old. The lady who gave them to me did not realize that twix was not fixed, she has had them together for 3-4 weeks. I'm concerned about Oreo if she has become pregnant, if she gives birth how much danger will she...