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cut quick

  1. kerry3383

    nail trimming - drawing blood!

    hi everyone! long post sorry: i’ve just had a horrible experience trimming my girls nails :’( i’m usually quite good with her! we took our girls to the vet for first time nail trim as we were too nervous & wanted to watch someone else so it - she said one of our girls has naturally long talons...
  2. TaraS-D

    Accidentally cut into the guinea pig’s nail quick

    I accidentally cut into my Guinea pig’s nail quick when attempting to trim its nails. As I was cutting it she squirmed and she squeaked loudly as it began bleeding. What can I do?
  3. yayoiharuko

    I'm A Terrible Mom!

    I made my baby bleeed. Ahhhhhh >. < What do I do :c I was clipping his nails. Since they are black I can't see the quick.