1. mytwomaleguineas

    Help! Should I be worried?

    Hello! My guinea pig likes stretching out after a little nap or when being petted. He’s a little chubbier than “normal” piggies and when he stretched out I noticed this there’s a little wider part. When my two piggies started arguing, it led to a fight and cookie was probably grooming himself a...
  2. L

    Lunar has passed away

    Lunar was a beautiful ginger American guinea pig. She was always bouncy and energetic and she loved her sister, Cosmos. Recently, she had started losing weight and she seemed quieter. We took her to a vet to try and get a diagnosis; originally we thought it could've been an oral or dental...
  3. Lucyscavies


    More veggies for my boys tonight. Aren’t they just the cutest furballs you have ever seen? 🐹🐹
  4. A

    Juat a little update on how thomas