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cutting nails

  1. S

    Need to cut boars’ nails but he won’t let me pick him up

    Hello! I have a boat that is 1 year old, and I just recently bought him and his brother. And today we tried to cut their nails for the first time but the boar in question (Holmfast) do not let me pick him up. He seems very mad and jumps around so that I cannot catch him at all. When I did he...
  2. TaraS-D

    Cutting Nails And Bathing

    Hello! I was just wondering how often should i cut my piggies nails and give them baths. My two guinea pigs ,squeaky and stampy, live outside and usually its quite cold to give them baths. I dont want to end up not bathing them enough! On the cutting nails subject how often should i cut them...