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  1. W

    Really fat female

    Hi, I have two guinea pigs, Nymeria and Bubbles, Nymeria is a slim american pig and Bubbles is a fat peruvian pig. They are both around 1 and half years old and females. Nymeria - 989 grams Bubbles - 1230 grams Nymeria is about 3/4 months older than Bubbles but Bubbles is so much bigger than...
  2. crnyng

    Cuy? Normal?

    My moms pig was a normal little guy when she brought him home, happy, tame, enjoyed cuddling and playing, etc. As he's grown he's gotten MASSIVE. I reprimanded her for feeding him too much fruit thinking he's getting fat for that reason but I came across a site about cuy and as I read I started...