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  1. cavy love

    Cystease Ingredients?

    My vet usually prescribes Cystophan, but after looking at Cystease, it looks like they're pretty much the same thing? My primary concern about Cystophan was the 'artificial chicken flavouring' - does anyone know if Cystease also has this? A couple of my piggies really dislike the taste of...
  2. WinnieandBear

    Bladder Sludge, Pain, Blood... Help Please

    My two year old Abyssinian Bear has been through a long time of misdiagnoses and problems and finally have concluded she has sludge in her bladder. She is on metacam for cats 0.1ml twice per day and septrin 0.25ml twice per day. I have also been trying half a capsule of Cystease tablets once a...