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cystic ovaries

  1. P

    Quoted £687 for spay, is this normal?

    Hello! My piggie has a cyst in her ovaries that we have just discovered. It's easily sorted, the vet has advised she would just need to have a spay to stop it coming back. It gets pretty big and impacts her digestion and needs draining. My quote has come back as £687. I'm obviously going to...
  2. L

    Hair loss after ovarian cyst removal 9 months ago

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has ever experienced hair loss with their piggies after ovarian cyst removal? Our piggie is otherwise well but is gradually losing a large amount of her lovely hair. She had a mammary tumour removed 2 months ago and has recovered really well, the vet did...
  3. Xmolxlie

    Spaying a 4 year old female guinea pig with cystic ovaries.

    Hi! I have two guinea pigs that I’ve had since May 2018, I got them from a friend who couldn’t take them with her when she moved, and I know they are a little over 4 years old. My friend had Foxy, the male pig, neutered before he turned 1, and recently I took Kovu my female pig to the vets, and...