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  1. Bethan

    Enlarged lymph nodes and balding flanks on our 3.5 year old sow

    Hi all, Our 3.5 year old sow, Clarice, has this week developed swollen / enlarged lymph nodes. I lost my 5 year old boat to lymphoma last year so immediately I am in panic mode. I also this week have noticed that Clarice seemed to have “crusty” nipples and balding flanks / hips. Our regular...
  2. Xmolxlie

    Spaying a 4 year old female guinea pig with cystic ovaries.

    Hi! I have two guinea pigs that I’ve had since May 2018, I got them from a friend who couldn’t take them with her when she moved, and I know they are a little over 4 years old. My friend had Foxy, the male pig, neutered before he turned 1, and recently I took Kovu my female pig to the vets, and...
  3. M

    Is it just her time?

    Hello everyone, I have just created an account this minute as I really need your advice. (she has been to the vets lots of times for this) My 4yr old pig Maisy has ovarian cysts. She had surgery to remove everything but stopped breathing when the anaesthetic was given. So they stopped before...
  4. WillowCL

    Regular Hormonal Injections? Ovarian cysts

    Hello, One of my guinea pigs, Lucy, has small ovarian cysts (the kind that stays small, but can be aggressive). She's almost 6 and our vet is reluctant to perform a surgery (she's a guinea pig specialist that we found on this forum). We gave her a course of Chorulon (1500iu) injections...
  5. Merrypigs Sanctuary

    Very Stubborn Bloat

    Needing some advice! Tina was very overweight when she was surrendered and as she has been on a diet and has begun to lose some, it's become apparent she has bloat. We've tried massage, jiggling, Buscopan, gripe water, Simeticone, liquid paraffin in case of blockage... nothing is working. She's...
  6. Beans&Toast

    Possible Spay For Beans

    I've not posted much on here lately as I've been kept so busy with the pigs, they've both got a lot going on at the moment. For months now Beans has been having hormonal issues, no hair loss but she's been very aggressive when she comes into season and it lasts longer each time. She's had 3...
  7. Beans&Toast

    Suprelorin Implant For Toast

    Yet another thing to add to Toast's problems... I'm just looking for a bit of advice, or someone who can point me in the right direction. I've posted before about how I've had to separate the pigs temporarily because when Toast comes into season she's getting more and more aggressive each...
  8. crnyng

    3 year Old Female; Genital/blood

    I feel as though I'm always on here but my newest of adoptions has on and off been having bloody pee. I noticed it the first day I brought her home, I instantly collected urine and brought it to the vets to be tested for blood in the urine, it came back negative for blood so was told nothing to...