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  1. Carrotyd

    When Harry Met Hairy - Bonding Two Boars

    Morning all. We took Harry speed dating at a rescue yesterday, and he ended up partnered with a 3 month-old boar who we're still in the process of naming. The rescue was over an hour away, and both piggies snuggled up in a freshly washed cosy, neither of them had seen before, all the way home...
  2. Keiko The Pig

    Will Bonding Young Boars Go Horribly Wrong?

    Hi, I've had my guinea pig for just over a month now and he is quite bonded to me recently he has started calling out if I'm out of my room for an hour or two working on the computer. My parents have also noticed this behaviour and agree he needs a friend, however he is quite young and I keep...