dead guinea

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    I don’t know what to do

    My guinea pig was eaten by a big ole husky today. Outside my house I had a patch of grass I usually let my piggy’s eat from while I’m cutting grass. Today my neighbour took his dog out to walk and when he came back my brother got scared and the guy said “Don’t worry he is gentle dog” next thing...
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    Guinea pigs both dying oddly

    Hello, i made an account here to check on something. My baby girl ray, died a few weeks back. I loved her so much, and i was so broken to see her go. Unfortunately my other piggy yui took it really hard so i had to get a new one. Sure as heck she died too this morning, the same way. The key...
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    Sudden Death?

    What can cause sudden death in multiple guinea pigs? In less than 12 hours my 2 male guinea pigs went from perfect health to dead? What can cause this? A week ago i also lost my third male and i just assumed it was of old age and didn't think anything to much of why. I also have a female in a...
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    Guinea pig died 1st day home

    Hi there, I'm new here. We adopted our first guinea pig yesterday from a friend of a friend who was too sick to take care of her guinea pig anymore. I researched the hell out of guinea pig ownership and was so prepared. The guinea pig came with all her stuff, her own cage, food, little hut. I...
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    Maurice is dead

    I don’t know what the heck I’m doing wrong but I’ve had 3 Guinea pigs my recent one just passed away out of the blue I don’t know what happened but I only had him for 2 months and he was as healthy as a horse! I bought him so much cool things and veggies idk what to do can someone please answer...