1. TaraS-D

    Is She Dehydrated

    for the past three days I haven’t seen my guinea pigs water go down , ive tried moving the bottle, re filling it and holding it in front of her face she won’t drink it. The only way I can make her ‘drink’ is by wetting cucumbers and letting her eat it but I’ve also heard that cucumbers aren’t...
  2. threelittlebubs

    Can Someone Explain Force Feeding?

    I'm really stressed about feeding my girl CC. She will eat it fairly well for about the first 5-6 cc. Then she will refuse more. Twisting away and stuff. This makes me feel like I am forcing in more than her tummy can take if I try to feed her more. She is eating and drinking a little on her...
  3. BenjiAndButtons


    Just a quick one, any advice would be appreciated! Yesterday evening we cleaned out Barney's caged and his water bottle, we have both been ill so tried to avoid contact as much as possible, when i have come to check on him today i noticed his bottle was still full, i picked it up and somehow...
  4. BenjiAndButtons

    Continued Health Issues

    Hi Guys, I have two 2 year old boars. One of them has had a few issues lately. He was acting strange and had a slight interest in food but couldn't seem to eat, we thought it may be his teeth but after a trip to the vets, she decided he had a temp and possible tummy bug, he was given baytril...