dental teeth misalignment

  1. Phoenix1998

    Making the right call for jaw problems

    Hi, One of my girls has been having some issues with her jaw for a while now. She developed an abscess just before Christmas in her right cheek. We treated with antibiotics, draining and flushing it. That cleared up well and she was fine again. She never really stopped eating, just slowed down...
  2. P

    Dental Repeated dentals, but still can't eat on his own

    Since April 2021, we've been proud pigparents to two brothers from a local pet sanctuary. We think they were about a year old when they popcorned into our lives, although maybe a bit younger (since they grew from ~1000g to 1200g each). Stein took on the job of being the boss, rumble strutting...
  3. songbird35

    Dental Guinea pig still not able to eat after dental work

    Hi there, first time poster, hope I do this correctly! My six year old guinea pig Pumpkin stopped eating completely two days ago aside from grain. She'd gradually been going off her food. I took her to the vet as soon as I realised how severe the problem had become and it turned out her bottom...
  4. Tinychels

    Another piggie tooth issue

    Hello :(! On my previous post, my piggie Ruby has chipped her tooth. Luckily, her tooth grew back by the time I took her to the vet and now she’s fine. The vet did trim the tooth a little, and Ruby screamed (literally, not squealed, she SCREAMED). I kind of don’t want put Athena on the same...
  5. RubyGrace

    Need Edinburgh based Dental care

    Hi I’m looking for any recommendations to an Edinburgh vet who can offer experienced long term dental care for my 11 week GP. Her teeth/jaw are misaligned and I expect will require long term treatment. Thanks Lindsay