1. A

    Unknown Illness?

    Hello everyone! I own four female adult guinea pigs, kept in a large enclosure, so they have enough free space. However, I am having issues with two of my guinea pigs and I'm desperate for answers, it is causing a lot of stress for me and others in the household- as well as the pigs too. We...
  2. M


    Hello everyone, my two boars have been living together now for over 7 months. They have NEVER had a fight and have always gotten along. Today, I had put a new fleece tunnel in from Etsy without washing it just to see if they liked it. They suddenly started going crazy and started to fight and...
  3. G

    Desperate - Massive fast weight loss and no vet diagnosis

    I've made an account out of desperation as I really need help with my piggy His name is Gunnie he is about 2.5 years old. He has been eating less and less and has been making noises like he is in pain when he pees. He has been weight for the past 3 nights, all between 10 pm - 12am: 19/02...
  4. PiggiesAndPaws


    I’m on holiday with my guinea pigs and the bottle is completely shattered. I still have the screw on lid but no bottle. There are no nearby shops. I have a water bottle but the lid won’t fit onto it. I don’t have a drill or any tools so please just tell or give me advice of how I can fix my...