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  1. D

    Diabetic Guinea Pig - Diet advice?

    Hey everyone, We unfortunately noticed one of our Guinea Pigs, Cookie, started getting cloudy eyes and after some urine tests the vet suspects cateracts stemming from diabetes :( While we look to confirm this we obviously want to sort the poor girls diet out ASAP, can anyone advise what...
  2. MoruMum

    Lice on Christmas Eve 😮

    Hi, Just have to be Christmas Eve to find lice on my guinea pigs. My two are 3 and half years old rescue, Squeak and Butterscotch. They love each other and sleep together and I am sure the recent rescue may have transferred it to the other. We have a small microscope and I have caught an...
  3. J

    Thirsty, hungry and losing weight - diabetic?

    Hi there! We have 3 boy piggies (Jam, Chutney and Cracker) and Cracker has always been the slimmest. However, over the past 9 months-year he has been steadily losing weight, despite eating plenty. He is drinking much more than normal, and has been treated for two UTIs (with two different...
  4. LauW

    Specialist Guinea Pig with new diabetes diagnosis - what type of blood glucose monitor to buy?

    Hello, Long time reader but first time posting. My Guinea Pig Monty is 10 months old and was diagnosed with diabetes this week via a blood test by a guinea pig savvy vet. I had spotted the high glucose in his urine when doing urine tests. We travelled 2 hours to see this vet and so can't pop in...
  5. L

    Guinea Pig losing weight & drinking excessively

    Hi everyone. I have a 2yr old male Guinea Pig that seems to be suddenly very thin. He had a voracious appetite from the time we adopted him when he was 4 months old. I suspect kidney issues because he has always urinated much more frequently than our other Guinea Pig and has been consuming an...
  6. MissPiggyTales

    Thirsty Piggie Help

    Hiya I am posting this because I can't fathom what's up with my piggie. I'm booking him in to vets next week but just seeing if anyone has ideas before then. He's been really thirsty as of late. Always going to his bottle bit last couple weeks I've found a wet corner where his bottle is. I...
  7. X

    Is My Guinea Pig Drinking Too Much?

    My guinea pig drinks about 1000ml every day. He often has puddles on the bottom of his cage when I clean it. He is also not as interested in fresh vegetables as my other guinea pig. What could cause this? Does it sound like diabetes?
  8. GPigSlave123

    Senior Piggy Losing Weight

    Hello, I was wondering if I can have some help with my 4 year old piggy called Porthos. Over the last 3 weeks he has lost 175g, from 1022 to 847. He still loves his veggies and his hay and is still fairly chirpy but he isn't eating his pellets. I have tried given him some mushed up pellets and...