diet changes

  1. Piggiesforever777

    Exercise unmotivated guinea pig?

    I have a guinea pig who is above the healthy guinea pig weight and I don't know what to do. I have given her free rome but she just sits in the same spot for a few minutes and then she falls asleep in the same spot. I have tried diet changes but she shares a cage with other Guinea pigs and I...
  2. Lauren22

    Bladder sludge!

    Hi, My boar Hubert had bladder stone surgery about a month ago now, and recently the sludge has returned. I changed his food to selective gluten free nuggets, he only gets 50g fresh per day and unlimited hay. The veg he gets is, cucumber, green beans, celery and pepper. I feel like I'm...
  3. Hnrpiggies

    Is this the right amount of veggies per pig? Also, do pregnant guineas need extra?

    sooo I made a post in another category because it was about housing and someone pointed out that I was feeding them the wrong amount of veggies (there was loads of kale and spinach- too much calcium) so I read the link and changed up their daily veggies a bit. Is this right? I have each pig: 2...
  4. ashleemelda

    Vegetable Alternative

    I recently decided to start following the sample diet guide by Wiebke, which primarily meant adding a full green bean and small piece of celery to their daily diet. Initially, they both took these vegetables very well, but within the past couple of days, Rose seems to no longer enjoy green bean...
  5. ashleemelda

    Frequency of Poop; Medication Not Helping

    A couple weeks ago, I made a post detailing how both my girls' poop had become much lighter in color and was very dry even immediately after being dropped. On top of that, while they had been pooping, it was significantly less than I was used to seeing, especially first thing in the morning...
  6. ashleemelda

    Introducing New Foods, Question Re: Lettuce

    I recently decided to start following the sample diet guide. My girls already get several of what's included daily: a rotating slice of red, yellow, or orange sweet pepper; a slice of cucumber; and a sprig of cilantro (although Moira is completely turned off by them whereas Rose can't get...