1. Piggiesxoxo

    Help! Guinea pig’s foot!

    I just noticed this on my guinea pigs foot I got yesterday. What is it? is it contagious? to humans, pigs, both? Need to know asap. Begging, please help!
  2. jpegmafia

    Caring for Guinea Pigs while disabled?

    For reference, I suffer from chronic pain and fatigue and can’t walk unless I use a mobility aid and can’t even get out of bed some days. I’m worried about my 2 pigs because I haven’t been able to spend time with them as often as I wished. While my mother does help care for them while I’m...
  3. TheLottiediarys

    Any Advice? Rabbit With Damage From E Conicoli?

    Hi guys! Maybe some of you remember a few months ago our rabbit Floppsy had a bad battle with E Conicoli. She's survived it but its done some damage, I'd say she isn't the same rabbit anymore, before her illness she was strong willed and active but she has lost that spark a lot. She has pretty...
  4. FlannelPig

    Weeble The Wobble Kitty!

    My wife and i were at our local shelter, walking around and looking at the cats. Toward the end out the hallway there was a tiny, 5 month old kitten taking a nap. When we got closer, she meowed and attempted to get up... but stumbled a little bit. My wife, a zoologist, immediately recognized...