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  1. marta.ginosyan

    Dislocated Jaw and no exotic vet around , what to do

    My guinea pig: Popo is not able to eat, he tries very hard but he just can't chew it. We had an X-Ray for his jaw, Both back and front teeth are ok, not long, roots of teeth are ok, again not long, so any dental issue is ruled out. It is visible that his jaw is a little bit tilted to the right...
  2. Pepper-oni

    Peppers Disability

    So my guinea pig Pepper has been with us for about a year and a half and we noticed something after we got her. She had one leg stick out and one arm as well. She runs and walks funny and we can't afford a vet at the moment. What do i do in the mean time? Shes a lone piggy because my parents...