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  1. Prasiddha

    Specialist My guinea pig suffering with URI - please help with diuretic dosage emergency

    Hi friends, As most of you all know fluffy had unexpected back to back pregnancy which made her a weak and sick piggy. I love her so much. She was initial prescribed for Septran (Bactrim) for congestion 10 days back. Due to these unexpected pregnancies her weight is also very low. Only 520 GMs...
  2. O

    Female Gp - Breathing Issues - Thymoma Diagnosis - Need Help

    Hi Everyone We've just joined this forum hoping for some help or suggestions from a community, as we're struggling to reach any clear way forward for our 4 year old female guinea pig Noisy. Last Saturday, day 1, we noticed she was breathing heavily and a bit slowly, she's eating well, very...
  3. D

    Fluid Around Lungs And Pain When Pooping

    Hello, everyone. About two weeks ago, I noticed that my three and a half year old boar, Erik, was breathing heavily and had lost some weight. I immediately took him to the vet, who x-rayed him and discovered lots of fluid around his lung. There was so much fluid you couldn't even see his heart...
  4. Beans&Toast

    Hay Suitable For Bladder Piggy

    I ordered the sample pack of hay from The Hay Experts for the pigs to try and it's just arrived, came with lots of freebies too :drool: I've been reading on here that certain hays aren't great for pigs with bladder issues like readigrass maybe..? Toast is on a diuretic and cystophan to...
  5. Beans&Toast

    Can Bloat Medication Be Given Alongside A Diuretic?

    Toast is on 0.2mls of Frusemide (spelling?) twice daily for bladder issues, but I've just noticed she's feeling a bit bloaty. Is it safe to give Infacol and/or Emeprid along side the diuretic?