1. urmasdejormas

    Treat box

    Charlie and Chestnut playtime
  2. L

    HOGwarts, get it? 😂

    The Devil makes work for idle hands ... my school holiday summer project. Made from scratch, pet safe paint, new flooring solution - washable door runner! (Wilko £8 150cmx57cm), Hagrids Hut (wilko £6). All made from reclaimed wood and removable castle for cleaning. Now want to turn it into...
  3. CraftyCavies

    New Fleece Forest!

    Enjoyed making Charlette and Marla a fleece forest today! A first for all of us, but I think they like it! It's Charlette's new favorite hiding place. :P She's chilling there right now. I don't think Charlette was quite ready for this photo! :)):)) :wub::wub::wub: