1. C

    Advice on Bordetella, the transmission of other bugs and dogs being around piggies.

    Hi Everyone Just looking for a bit of advice/experience on what everyone does with regards to dogs, pigs and Bordetella. I keep my two boars in a cage on the living room floor where they love to keep an eye on us and beg for food and attention. However, I’ve got the in-laws visiting in a...
  2. TheLottiediarys

    Do you agree with allowing animals to meet?

    I’ve always been very much against letting animals of certain species meet. Obviously it’s bad to let something like a snake meet a mouse as it’s the natural prey for many snakes. And in terms of health certain animals can carry diseases that could be harmful if passed from species to species...
  3. D

    Guinea pigs and barking dogs

    My twin and I just got two new guinea pigs. We thought we did all the research necessary on what they need and how they would react around the dogs. The thing we missed though is that the dog's barking can stress them to death. My dog met the guineas and wants nothing more than to sniff her butt...
  4. A

    Noisy Dogs

    Hi there! I am going to buy a guinea pig next year and had been wondering about this. So I am going to put my piggies outside on a hutch on our backyard. Then there are my dogs... Will the piggies be afraid when dogs bark? And one more... Is it okay to pair up male guinea pigs? Thank you very...
  5. M

    Can Introducing My Guinea Pig To New Animals Affect Their Behavior?

    I've had my guinea pig, Ollie, for about 3 years now and she's been with a cat most of her life and that never bother her. We recently gave away my cat and this evening we brought inside my 2 dogs. Since they have come in, Ollie has been very lethargic and won't eat while she's in her cage. I...
  6. Jesse's pigs

    Doggy Owners- Introducing A Puppy With An Older Dog.

    You may or may not know that as well as my two pigs,rabbit,hamster and two tortoises I also own a dog- Molly. Molly is our little girl and first ever dog- my mum loves her as if she is a second daughter and I myself often refer to her as my sister. She is on the smaller side despite being a...
  7. ToastandBeans

    Don't Bully My Piggies

    I heard woofing from mine and my sisters dog so I checked it out, they were both bullying my piggies. I never get angry and shout at my dog but this time I told them. Very loud. Nobody bullies my piggies.
  8. ToastandBeans


    Post your precious pooch especially if your hair looks like your dog- okay autocorrect calm down! Post your dog(s) here :nod: Picture 1: Beans does not care about Frank. At all. Not one bit. Beans is Beans. Picture 2: Dogs can't have chocolate, so he's sulking.
  9. abigailsi0bhan

    Cat Repellent?

    Hello! First poster here! First and foremost, I have nothing against cats personally. I quite like the animals, and adore looking after my sister's. However, I cannot sit by and let them torment my guinea pigs and kill birds in my garden! My issue is that we also own a dog who, firstly, is...