1. Puddles1999

    Baytril dosage?

    Penelope had blood in her pee that wasn’t visible! The vet prescribed Baytril thinking it should cure anything that could be causing it. She does not squeak when peeing or in any noticeable discomfort. Nor is she losing weight! A bit weird but for her baytril dosage, she gets .10 ML every 12...
  2. Bella123

    Xeno 450 - Correct Dosage For Guinea Pigs?

    Hi everyone, I went to my local vets yesterday evening as I am under the suspicision that my piggys have mange mites. Anyway, to cut a long story short the vet eventually prescribed me Xeno 450 to treat my piggys with. The vet said for the weights of my two guinea pigs which are - 1090g and...