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  1. VivienOblivion

    URGENT: Questions about diarrhoea

    Hi everyone! First of all, Merry Christmas 😊 On Wednesday last week, I noticed that my guinea pig Bebita (6 years old female) had been doing half-sneezes occasionally, accompanied by some weight loss and a little bit of blood found in one of her nostrils. I took her to the vet, and...
  2. A

    Doxycycline (How long before piggy stops squeaking while peeing UTI)

    Hello! My Guinea pig, Honey, has had a few UTI’s. The first two times, doxycycline stopped the infection. After hearing her squeak while going to the bathroom, I started using a doxycycline bottle (stored properly) from the vet prescribed a few months ago that isn’t expired. However, after a...
  3. Bayberrybae

    Need advice on Doxycycline !

    Hey! Sarah again, you've probably seen me on here quite frequently lately. Disclaimer: I'm just looking for some advice from those who have experience with antibiotics with piggies, it's okay if you're not a vet! :nod: So, two of my girls currently have URI's, and are both on the antibiotic...
  4. The Mad House

    Weight Loss (Could it be the Antibiotics?)

    Hi Guys, I thought long and hard about posting this (the last time I posted was a while ago) and I guess I'm looking to see if anyone else has experience with this and if anyone has any advice. I need to explain a few things before I get to the questions though. I also want to preface this by...
  5. Michellesalvino

    Proper care for piggies on doxycycline

    Hello! I currently have two piggies on doxycycline because when I got them I soon noticed they we’re sneezing way too much and took them to the vet. I just want to make sure I am giving them a good diet while they’re going through this. I give it to them twice a day. Should I also be giving them...
  6. P

    How fast do URI's progress?

    My Piggie has been on Baytril for seven days, and Doxycycline for one. We stopped for three days because of a bad gas episode, which she's almost completely healed from now. My other piggie has finished ten days of Baytril already. The Piggie that just recovered from gases is sneezing lots, but...
  7. P

    Please help - loss of appetite and bloating

    My pigs are getting both Doxycycline and Baytril at once. I know giving cisapride with Baytril is fine, but is it still fine to give cisapride with both Doxycycline and Baytril? Also, this is a separate question, but on the Doxycycline it says "Take with food", but i can't give one Piggie...
  8. P


    My guinea pigs are being treated for a possible URI, and we got doxycycline today to give with the Baytril for ten days. First of all, to anyone who's every gotten doxycycline, is it usually so expensive? Mines was 108 US dollars. Secondly, they are each getting .5 mL of Baytril twice daily, and...
  9. N

    Possible Uri? Guinea Pig Is On Heavy Meds.

    Hi, So my 7 month old guinea pig has been with me for about a month now. The day we got him he started to sneeze but no other symptoms. He still sneezes (Mainly when I am holding him) and makes a popping noise when he breathes (vet says its not fluid in lungs.). He is acting completely fine and...
  10. KenzieC

    Urgent: Pig Has Fluid In Chest On One Side...cannot See His Heart.

    Hello everyone! My wonderful baby Atlas (m) is back on antibiotics for the third time since i got him 4 months ago. When I bought him (stupidly) from a PetSmart, I quickly found that he was sick. We went to the vet and he had severe pneumonia and a URI. He was on baytril and a dieuretic for 2...