1. N

    Possible Uri? Guinea Pig Is On Heavy Meds.

    Hi, So my 7 month old guinea pig has been with me for about a month now. The day we got him he started to sneeze but no other symptoms. He still sneezes (Mainly when I am holding him) and makes a popping noise when he breathes (vet says its not fluid in lungs.). He is acting completely fine and...
  2. KenzieC

    Urgent: Pig Has Fluid In Chest On One Side...cannot See His Heart.

    Hello everyone! My wonderful baby Atlas (m) is back on antibiotics for the third time since i got him 4 months ago. When I bought him (stupidly) from a PetSmart, I quickly found that he was sick. We went to the vet and he had severe pneumonia and a URI. He was on baytril and a dieuretic for 2...