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  1. Olivitree

    Art of your piggies (free)

    Hey there, I'd like to practice drawing guinea pigs, I don't draw them enough really and I could do with some help destressing my brain as I have a piggy in with the vets at the moment. I'd love to draw YOUR piggies so I can contribute a little something to the community here thats provided...
  2. Wheeksers

    Attempt at guinea pig digital art

    So, I've been inspired by many artists to consider dabbling my hand in digital hand drawing art. I'm still learning, but here is a few of my first attempts. I'm hoping that I can make stuff cute enough that I can make my own stickers/products at some point - but right now - it's just learning...
  3. RoxyGuineaPigLover

    Guinea Pigs as Humans!?

    Hello fellow forum members! So I was being creative and whatnot then decided to draw my guinea pigs as humans. When I finished, I had an idea to put it on here! So...here they are! I’m not that good so...they’re not amazing. I would love it if the artistic people (or if you’re not that’s fine...
  4. Gia

    Guinea Pig Drawings...

    Hey everyone! I was just wondering if I could try to draw your piggies. I'm not super amazing, but I'll try my best! Post your precious piggy photos (preferrably of the side of the body) here! Thank you! Gia xoxo
  5. Seven

    First Attempt At Drawing A Guinea Pig

    I've never drawn a guinea pig before... surprisingly! I'm no artist but this was fun to do. It was based on one of my old guinea pigs.
  6. rory

    Can I Paint Your Piggie?

    I just painted over a picture of my guinea pig digitally. I really had fun doing it. I was wondering if anyone else would like their piggie drawn? I hope this is allowed. Please just attach a picture of your piggie if you'd like a painting.