dry ear

  1. cashewandpeppa

    Dry skin on ears

    Hi everyone! Any advice on how to treat dry skin on ears? One of my girl’s very dark ears get a white-ish cast on them, where it comes and goes, and looks like dry skin. She’s been treated for ringworm for 1.5 months, has had Ivomec drop treatments, and topical anti-fungal. She was just...
  2. Joscelyn

    My Guinea pig has a flakey ear. SHOULD I BE CONCERNED?

    My guinea pig is about a couple months old and had ringworm on her eyelid when I first got her. She got all cured and just recently I saw that her ear was a little dry with a very little bit of bleeding. I noticed her biting/grooming my other guinea pigs ear and I thought maybe my other guinea...