ear biting

  1. A

    Bonding Boars Day 8 - Bite on Ear

    Hi, today is Day 8 of the bonding process of our two boars. Quite still in the dominance phase. Woke up this morning and inspected the piggies for bites and scratches and found the submissive one (Georgie) with a decent bite out of his ear. (see picture) I know that ear nibbling is part of the...
  2. Piggie mama

    Ear biting!

    Help! My submissive piggie just bit my dominant ones ear, the dominant pig didn't move or react and isn't hurt at all, and is now led by the submissive one quite happily. I've never seen them do this before, what's going on?
  3. N

    Ear Biting

    Hello everyone, I have a really important question and need help. Here is a little backstory : my sister had two piggies for about 5 years not and last march I got myself a little girl from a piggie breeder. Pepsi has a cage on her own but my sister would bring her piggies round a couple of...