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ear drops

  1. alphadox

    Ear Infection? Green Hard Buildup

    Hello! My one sow is dealing with some sort of an ear issue. First about a week ago or so her left ear was twitching and she scratched at it. Also she was not happy with it being touched. I then saw this green thing in the ear and she kicked it out. Figured it could be a buildup of hay but made...
  2. H

    Vet update!

    my boy just had his first appointment with the vets, and unfortunately a few issues did come up :( 1. I have been clipping his nails and I thought his coat seemed clean and healthy. However, because he's never been groomed by his humans, he needs a bath with a mild shampoo, which I think I...
  3. Rachp

    Ear drops

    Hi, can someone tell me if Beaphar ear drops are safe to use please? I've ordered some otodex but will take a few days to arrive as the covid 19 is going on and I wanted to try that in the mean time. My piggie is itching at the one ear, she is still happily eating/playing etc. Thank you x
  4. sarahpiggies

    Mystery Ear Infection, Please Read!

    Hello everyone My guinea pig Twiglet (female, 7 months) has a suspected ear infection, now going on for 3 weeks and I thought I would share our experiences and see if anyone can offer any advice. It is strange because the ear is only sensitive when touched, she does not scratch it and is not...