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eating problems

  1. Sporgan

    Dental Guinea pig struggling to chew/bite by the looks of it

    Hi, I’m wondering if anyone can give me some advice. My guinea pig has been struggling to eat. He is picking up food and seems really determined to eat but also seems unable to bite or chew it properly. And so just spits it back out again/drops it. I’ve tried him on lettuce, kale, celery...
  2. Jamesey

    Fussy Eaters - Help

    I have two very fussy guinea pigs who will eating everything that’s bad for them! I need to change their diet to contain less calcium, but how do i get them to other food? I really want them to eat peppers (any colour but especially green or yellow) but they are just not interested I have been...
  3. Koinu

    Had A Teeth Burring For The First Time And I'm Concerned

    Brand new user here, sorry for any mistakes I may make. I will preface that I am a first-time guinea pig owner and have had my guinea pig for 4 years now. So, I went to the vet yesterday, the 16th at 10am, because my male guinea pigs' teeth looked pretty long which I hadn't noticed till...
  4. Squishymoth

    Hair Ball? Not Eating Strange Breathing

    on Sunday night I took my guinea pig Warp to an emergency vet, because he was not eating, drinking or moving from his spot in the corner, he also suddenly had rough dirty looking hair and receded eyes. None had the know how to do anything but provide some fluids and antibiotics. On Monday...
  5. GuineaPigParent

    Guinea Pig Eating Disorder

    Hi. A few years ago, We had a pig that mostly stopped eating, our vets operated on his teeth under anaesthetic. Following that, he never ate again and they put him down. This time, with 2 three year olds, One has again nearly stopped eating. I told the vets, who were going to operate on his...
  6. W

    Weird Behaviour When Eating

    My piggy Bubbles has been doing this for a while now, she will eat by herself when she wants but when I try to hand feed her veggies while shes on the cage she'll back away. When I pick her up from the cage and her on my lap she'll eat from my hand without issues. Some times though she'll bite...
  7. G

    Eating Issues - Possible Dental

    Hi, our guinea pig started having some eating difficulties around the start of June, just eating slowly and opening her mouth wide, almost looking like she was yawning and clearly having something irritating her in her mouth. We took her to the vet, who advised us that it was likely her back...
  8. bruceandwillis

    Low On Nutrients/picky Eater

    Hope I'm posting this in the right place! I'm new to the forum. I rescued my third little man about a week ago from my local SPCA. He's a year and six months, unneutered, and seemingly very healthy, with his weight being around 3 lbs. However, in his time being here, he's turned his nose to any...
  9. kitkat1

    Having Trouble Eating

    So I gave my piggie Moonbeam a vitamin c tablet a couple days ago and he was only nibbling it- he was trying to eat it but it seemed like he was having trouble biting into it. He is eating hay and pellets fine. I gave hime another tablet this morning and he did the same thing- he nibbles at it...