1. J

    Beware of scam sellers such as piggiecages-4 on e-bay

    I would just like to share a negative experience we had on ebay in order that other's are aware. The seller piggiecages-4 (they may change their name) has listings clearly showing cages that do not match what you receive. In our case it was a self build two storey cage however the pieces we...
  2. yayoiharuko

    Buying Fleece On Ebay?

    So I was browsing ebay for some fleece and noticed that I could get some super cheap.. however, there's a catch! It reads "not from a smoke free home" in the description. Should I even consider it? Can you even get the smell of smoke out of fleece? Thank you! P.s. also worried about piggies...
  3. TheLottiediarys

    Has Anyone Tried To Get A Full Refund On Ebay?

    I'm in a bit of a pickle. I work in a little bookstore at a market stall, I offer a servies for some people where I order book into the shop for them from online like ebay and amazon. I had a bit of a bad Headcold at the start of the week and had a blunder when ordering a book for a customer...