elder guinea pig

  1. Minniemary

    New Guinea pig metacam for arthritis in elderly pig

    Hi all, I have a pig who is coming in to 6.5 years who has really started to slow down recently. He has some superficial hair loss of his hind legs and he's exploring his cage much less these days so I'm fairly certain he's experiencing some level of pain due to arthritis. Other than this he is...
  2. E

    Elderly Guinea Pig

    Hi all!, I'd like to know what to expect from all you seasoned guinea pig owners! Our beloved Rosie is 7 1/2 and we've had her since she was about 3 months old. She's still going strong and has generally been super healthy! She was on an antibiotic a couple month ago as a precaution...
  3. T

    Guinea Pig Drinking A Lot Of Water

    Recently my guinea pig has been drinking a lot of water, she is over 6/7 years old I cannot remember exactly, I know that may sound bad but she is a baby of one of my old Guinea pigs☺️ and I was quite young when she was born so I didn't think to remember the date! I'm not sure if she has always...