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  1. C

    Guinea pig not eating after being spayed

    Hi, My Guinea pig Daisy is 5 years old and 6 days ago she was spayed due to recommendations from vet because of hormonal changes. She hadn’t returned to her usual eating/ behaviour after a couple days so on the follow up appointment we expressed these concerns and was told it can be normal and...
  2. Pumpkin&Spice


    Hi everyone, I realise I sound (and feel!) like the worst guinea pig mum, but I’ve just accidentally given one of my guinea pigs the wrong medicine with the wrong dosage, thinking it was hers. We have two medical piggies at the moment and their bottles look v.similar. D: Anyway, I’ve just...
  3. 0

    Ongoing small poop

    Hi there, My piggy had small poos and bloat before Christmas and was given emeprid, antibiotics and paracetamol. She gave the antibiotics to shift wheezing which has previously been diagnosed as allergies she said it could be but antibiotics would help anyway with the gut. The meds worked...
  4. K

    Emeprid after Baytril overdose. Causing diarrhoea?

    Hi there. I’m hoping to get some advice about my little boy, Milo. Milo was taken to the vet 2 Sunday’s ago after I noticed a sniffle and loss of appetite. The vet diagnosed him with a chest infection and he was prescribed Baytril. 2.5% oral solution 100ml to be given 1ml twice daily. I was...
  5. AdamFrench

    Baytril, Zantac And Emeprid

    Hi all! Tao is on baytril for a thickened uterus wall (believed to be due to infection). She lost weight and appetite when on it so has been prescribed Zantac syrup and Emeprid. I'm just curious as to the best way to dose this all together. She's supposed to be on 0.2ml of Baytril twice a day...
  6. AdamFrench

    Taos Not Eating When Alone

    Tao was losing weight and we think it was down to the Baytril she was on We had stopped The Baytril and she began to put weight back on for 1 day. We were given Emeprid and Zantac yesterday to start on its own before the Baytril again after 24hours. Last night she had her 1st doses of Emeprid...
  7. CraigGlasgow

    Emeprid For Bloat?

    Hello all! Given how helpful you all were on my last post I was hoping for some new advice. I lost one piggy to gut stasis a fortnight ago, and my other managed to pull through. Weasley has been doing really well for the last week since he came off his meds but we had been staying with...
  8. Beans&Toast

    Can Bloat Medication Be Given Alongside A Diuretic?

    Toast is on 0.2mls of Frusemide (spelling?) twice daily for bladder issues, but I've just noticed she's feeling a bit bloaty. Is it safe to give Infacol and/or Emeprid along side the diuretic?
  9. Beans&Toast

    Shelf Life Of Emeprid?

    (Sorry if this isn't in the right bit I wasn't too sure where to put this) I've just knocked over and spilled a bottle of Emeprid :doh: But I still have an almost full bottle that I was given on 31st March, so not even a month old... There's no expiry date on the bottle.. Would this be okay to...