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emergency syringe teeth dental stopped eating

  1. MarioPig

    Dental Syringing water

    Hi guys! I am new to forums so I will apologise now My little piggy Archie (2 and a half) has recently had his dental operation using G.A. (this was before I knew about the Cambridgeshire cavy trust). Since the op rehabilitating him has been extremely stressful as force feeding him has been...
  2. caseypig

    Emergency - Guinea Pig Not Taking Syringe Food Anymore

    Hello, I have a pig with dental problems, he's been going to Simon in Northampton for about 6 months now every 3 weeks. He went on Monday after he stopped eating, but since then still hasn't started eating. I've been syringe feeding him food, but he's now not even eating that. He's obviously in...