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  1. Gullfaks

    Force-feeding - when does it become "animal abuse"?

    Hi, This is my first post on the forum, and I am very sad and upset that it would be under these circumstances. I adopted my two guinea pigs last October, so I have had them for almost a year, and they will turn 2 years in September. Until now - everything has been wonderful, and they have...
  2. C

    Ethical Angst over Time between Adoptions :(

    Hello everyone, I am incredibly thrilled to adopt my first guinea pigs! Although I haven't owned cavies yet, I've done quite a bit of research and feel as ready as I'll ever be. My only question is this: I would love to rehome a lone boar from CL, neuter him, than place him with a pair of one...
  3. Brandy

    Ownership Ethics

    I'm really struggling this week. Recently I had to put one of my sweet piggies to sleep due to a dental abscess to where I couldn't afford the procedure to fix it. It was a tough decision with a lot of areas to consider and ultimately it was the best option. During these tough times, my mind is...