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exercise time

  1. K

    Exercise Questions For Slightly New Pigs

    Hi everyone, I just had a few questions about guinea pig exercise and was wondering if anyone could weigh in. I recently adopted 2 guinea pigs in November, Nutmeg and Pumpkin. An american and an abby. Pumpkin is still a baby and has lots of cute happy energy. Nutmeg is also young and likes to...
  2. A

    Guinea Pig lying down at floor time

    Hi, new to the piggie parenting. I have had my guinea pig for 5 days now. He is a year and a half old black Abyssinian. The past 4 days I’ve given him food by hand (carrots, salads, pepper, hay) and he comes back to the cage door for more from me and I’ve done floor time. I take the wire part of...
  3. Sonnet

    The Boys

    Today was cage cleaning day, so let the boys have a run about in my bathroom. They're pretty much bonded now, and though there's the occasional rumble from Chutney every so often, nothing ever comes from it. Chutney is the chocolate pig, Sprout is the self black.