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eye cloudy

  1. M

    Guinea pig's eye infection

    Hello, It's been around 2 months that my guinea pig's eyes has infection , I have tried to use Ciplex eye drop and it cured one of his eyes but the other eye still has cloudy secretions, it does not smell anything but i have to keep cleaning the sticked dried stuff around his eyes daily , i...
  2. N

    Hay poke, treatment

    Hi guys, we just experienced our first hay poke and I felt the need to make a post about the details as I struggled a bit getting the right info and wish that I knew all of this. What happened: We ordered some emergency Timothy hay as our larger batch was going to arrive later. I’ll explain...
  3. B

    Eye help!

    20230826-003401 hosted at ImgBB 20230826-003423 hosted at ImgBB So I noticed tonight while giving Gizmo a little health check he has a spot in his eye. It seems to be inside in the pupil area it doesn't look like it's on the surface. It wasn't there a few days ago last time I gave him a check...
  4. Pi123

    Possible cataract or Osseous Metaplasia

    Hi all, Around 2 weeks ago one of my guineas had a cloudy eye which after some chatting on a fb group I found out was hay poke and I bought a certain type of eye drops you can get in Superdrug which cured the problem in about 4 days. Then last Thursday I found one of my other piggies that lives...
  5. G

    2 Day old pig with cloudy eye

    Hello! I know very little about guinea pigs so any advice would be appreciated. TL;DR Two day old guinea pig has cloudy (but otherwise normal) eye and I don’t know if he had it yesterday, what do I do? I am watching my neighbors animals for the week, this included 2 guinea pigs, one of which...
  6. J

    Eye injury

    My Thor has had a serious looking eye injury... Possible having a disagreement with his roomie Loki. I have cleaned it somewhat but it's very swollen, bloodshot and has a white cloudiness to the lens? His bottom eye lid looks torn too! Does anyone have a contact for a good guinea pig vet.... I...
  7. M

    Urgent need of help to relieve my Guinea pigs eye

    Need help with my Guinea pigs eye. All vets nearby are filled or closed and she’s an 7-8 year old piggy in the meanwhile is there anything I can do to clean or medicate this cloudy drippy eye? My original post was on Reddit but am not seeing any traction link below for pictures please send any info!
  8. charlottibiscotti

    Piggy with cloudy eye

    Hi all, my piggy has a slightly cloudy eye. she's a year old and very happy with no issues around the eye being touched. it's much more visible in bright light. I noticed it was cloudy/dull about a month ago, and assumed it must be an early cataract, so sadly haven't looked it up until a family...