eye drops

  1. W

    Eye issue

    Hi, I'm wondering if maybe more experienced piggy owners could help me weigh out risks for one of my piggies. I currently share life with 3 senior piggies, however I have one called Butter Ball who has recently had eye issues. We believe he was injured by his now ex-cage mate (they're still...
  2. retro

    Eye Drops or wash for piggies?

    Hey everyone...So, my piggie got a little too close to his hay I think. Very slight irritation in the eye. I have not done anything to his eye, just gonna say that right now. I bought some eye drops and the active ingredient is Tetrahydrozoline HCI 0.05% and the inactive ingredients are...
  3. Chlawee

    Cherry eye? Eye drops?

    Hi all, I believe my Guinea pig Jasper has cherry eye (please see photo) he appears as normal eating and his happy self. I have cleaned his eye with sterile water and he appears ok. my question is really is there any drops I can get from my chemist for him over this weekend to help treat this...
  4. Anastasia_GPM.

    Runny eyes

    Hey! So I got my second guinea pig a couple of months ago, and her eyes are very wide.... idk how else to describe them. You can see the white in her eyes and where she's looking. It's adorable. I noticed that her eyes always seem to be a little moist. Like, the area around them too. I didn't...
  5. Kimicub

    Conjunctivitis that doesnt seem to be going?

    Hi all! My oldest Guinea pig Harri has conjunctivitis (I'm a pharmacist and I put 2 and 2 together) took her to the vet who, didnt seem to care too much about it till I insisted that it looks like conjunctivitis and he gave me Isathal(fusidic acid drops twice a day). Been putting it in her eye...
  6. Hops_in_Heaven

    All Better

    Hi everyone! I know that compared to the everyone else here, my eye troubles with Cuddles must seem like nothing, but for Cuddles and I, it was serious. This was especially the case last week when the (very) expensive eye drops I'd previously used were unavailable in my city. Unsure of what...