eye health

  1. Hanniespiggies

    Possible Hay Poke? Opinions Please

    My guineapig Moo ( neutered male 2yrs Old) seems to have an issue with his left eye. We think it may be an injury such as hay poking but we are not sure. we have only noticed this yesterday evening. Other days he was fine we are sure. (I have attached images at the end of this post) His eye is...
  2. lucyr

    Urgent eye problem

    My friend’s guinea pig Dusty, 5 years old, his eye has suddenly become really swollen/bulging (see the picture attached) overnight, it wasn’t like this yesterday. He is still eating and acting normally but it looks terrible, they have an appointment booked for today but the vets aren’t...
  3. lucyr

    Guinea pig eye lump

    Hi, my 4 year old guinea pig Trixie has got a red lump on one eye? I just noticed it and it wasn’t there 3 days ago when I last checked her eyes. I have attached a picture. I think I need to contact the vet, I’m wondering if anyone has any idea what this is exactly. Should I attempt to clean it...
  4. C

    Guinea pig eye shut

    So my one guinea pig will not open his one eye. I'm not sure what could've happened. He is also squeaking quite a bit. Does anyone know anything that could be wrong or have any advice for me? (He is 4 months old btw)
  5. Hanniespiggies

    Lice / hairloss / stress advice please!

    Hi all I have 2 boy guineapigs, both around 8 months old now. They moved into their new cage setup downstairs last week so I could make their enclosure bigger, I have noticed since then one of my piggies moo, has started to loose some hair around the front of one of his eyes, his other is fine...
  6. D

    Eye infection or injury

    Hiya, This morning I discovered that my Guinea Patsy has a discoloured eye with pink fleshy surrounding. Can somebody advise me what this is?
  7. HeatherW

    Red stuff around eye

    Does anyone know what this could be? It only appears on Jasmine's right eye. I took her and Pickle to the vet yesterday about excessive scratching caused by mites (which are now gone, thankfully) and now this has appeared out of nowhere. Her eye is otherwise normal (if a little bit red in the...
  8. K

    Watering eyes?

    I'm not sure if this is bad but Mr Cream's right eye keeps getting watery and then it dries around his eye. I do clean it when it gets dry and sometimes while its watery. I hope this isnt a sign of URI or eye infection. (The yellow streak is just his fur btw)
  9. M

    Guniea pig eye

    So, my Guinea pig, who is a little over a year old, had gotten a bad eye infection, and while she got better and her eye went back to a normal size, she's blind in that eye, and recently I was looking at it with a light and noticed this, these are my first set of Guinea pigs, so I haven't had...
  10. Louise mckee

    Eye probelm help!

    Hiya I'm new to the forum and how it works and stuff but I really need some reassurance about my piggie Henry. I noticed he had something wrong with his eye it looks like fatty eye? Pea eye? I don't think it's a hay poke or else he would be squinting an it would have gotten worse. I noticed this...
  11. doodlecountry

    Eye Crust?

    Hi everyone, my guinea pig Layla seems to have some eye crust! It's dried whiteish-yellow crust. I just introduced her to my other guinea pig, Cookie, and noticed that Layla had a few sneezes, (around 10 in 1-2 hours). She seems to be eating and drinking properly, but I'm afraid she might have a...
  12. MochaLocha

    One of my guinea pigs have a weird eye?

    I've had my guinea pigs for awhile now, none of them have been sick and my guinea pig Patchy has had this small eye and big eye for awhile now. Were thinking she is blind (or will become blind) in that eye. She has never shown signs of sickness, in fact she is very curious and loves eating. So...
  13. Jiggy_Sweets

    Strange Lump On Eye With White Crusty Patches

    Our 4 week old Female guinea pig, Minnie, has started to develop this odd white growth on her upper eye lid which is surrounded by white crusty patches. There is discharge that we can see and there’s no smell present. She is still eating just fine and getting along with her guinea buddy, Sally...
  14. Morticia

    Eye Infection And Removal :(

    Good afternoon everyone, Yesterday and this morning I took my 4 year old guinea pig, Luna, to the vet because her right eye is so swollen and red and it looks so much bigger than the left one, both vets said she'll probably have to have her eye removed. This morning they took some X-rays and...
  15. FlannelPig

    Eye Problems!

    Hello! While feeding my pigs last night i noticed that one of them has one eye that is a little goopy. It doesn't seem to bug him at all but i cleaned it up for him. I'm not super concerned and assume it might be due to the weather changes around here. He was a rescue pig and has had a couple...
  16. H

    Please Help Guinea Pig Really Sick With Eye Ulcer/removal

    PLEASE HELP AND ADVISE URGENT! My piggie Wilma is 6 years old and has never had any major health problems. 2 weeks ago I noticed her eye was looking sore - protruding and buldging out exposing the white muscle at the bottom of her eye, she also couldn't blink but seemed fine in herself, this...
  17. greensn

    My Guinea Pig Has Allergies?

    Hello! So I work in a pet store, and in August (2016), we isolated a guinea pig (two months old at the time) for runny (white discharge) eyes. He saw three different specialists who prescribed terramycin, gentocin, tobramycin, and various antibiotics. Nothing helped this piggy. He was in the...