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  1. L

    Piggy emergency? Falling over?

    PLEASE if anyone has any advice, something is wrong with my guinea pig McDude. He was laying on top of one of those wooden bridges today and he started falling asleep. You know when you fall asleep sitting up and fall over? That's what he did. His eyes started closing as he leaned to his side...
  2. Xmolxlie

    Guinea pig jumping out of arms

    Hi, I have two new baby Guinea pigs (the lady i adopted them from said she believed they were 10-12 weeks old) that I’m currently going through the bonding process with to bond them with my recently bereaved older piggy. After today’s bonding session I had moved the babies temporary cage onto...
  3. M

    My guinea pig jumped off my lap from about a less than a foot off the ground. Help!

    So my guinea pig is a female, she’s about exactly a year old. Yesterday she was on my lap and we were sitting together when she suddenly leaped off my lap and fell onto the floor. I’m not sure exactly how she landed, but i’m afraid she maybe got shocked or scared. She’s eating perfectly fine...
  4. S

    Guinea Pig jumped out my hands and injured itself

    Hi, I feel so quilty at the moment and really worried. I took my guinea pig out the cage and gave her some treats. When I put her back into her cage with the other guinea pigs she doesn't usually move much when she gets near the cage but tonight she decided to jump out my hands. About a foot...
  5. W

    Guinea Pig Loss Of Balance

    I wasn't over during the weekend. When I came back home I found out my piggy Nymeria had had a few issues last saturday. Before cleaning my pigs' cage my dad's girlfriend put the piggies on the floor. Bubbles was walking normally but Nymeria flopped to her side. She put her back on her legs and...
  6. Siikibam

    These Boys!

    For the last few days Toffee has been wheeking when I walk past their cage. I've only given in a couple of times and given them a small sliver of cucumber or some spring greens/coriander. Now it's a case of just resisting Today they went outside for the first time. Wrong day as it was a little...