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  1. x_x

    Guinea pig fell!

    I have a little guinea pig that is almost an year old. Today she was really excited by her food and squirmed out of my hands to run towards the food when I picked her up. At that moment I was standing near the balcony door and I think she fell on the ridges at the floor that are there for a...
  2. Kirbs

    help asap! - Bad fall with bleeding mouth and coughing

    My guinea pig fell from quite a height. He is walking fine but is coughing quite a bit and the inside of his mouth is bleeding. I can't take him to the vet as they don't do emergency appointments. Do I need to worry? :(((
  3. TheCavySlave

    Piggy Fell On His Back!

    I was in the cage, feeding the boys. I was on my feet and my knees were, hmm, about as high as a smartphone, probably higher. Anyway, Godfrey jumped on my leg to get the food and fell off onto his back! He landed on the soft fleece and spent about a millisecond looking surprised before he went...