falling to his side

  1. Kawts

    Baby guinea pig popcorning so much she falls over!

    Hi all, I recently added a 7 week old female guinea to our clean of two other females. Her name is Toffee. She runs around and popcorns A LOT, but today her popcorning frightening me. Two or three times, she popcorned and fell over, continuing to twitch on the floor for a couple of seconds...
  2. A

    Specialist Guinea pig suddenly not moving, but eating. Please hep me.

    Hello, So, its been 3 weeks now and all this started with him limping/walking funny, and falling to one side constantly. I was concerned and brought him to the vet to only have them tell me that they think he had blisters at the bottom of his feet or something along the lines of that. They...